A mobile notary is anyone who moves from one place to another, upon request, to carry out notarial services. This is usually done by the statutory laws that govern a specific state. Notarial services in the states would mostly involve various types of real estate as well as mortgage transactions. The people who perform the services are mobile notaries who are popularly known as mortgage or notary signing agents. It shouldn’t be confused with loan closers because the closers have more complex duties.

How to become a successful mobile notary

Provided that rules are followed, almost anyone can become a successful mobile notary. Although it can be tricky making it in New York, Los Angeles, California, and Florida, mainly because of the exams, you’ll always find an option once you work with the state notary division. For Arkansas, we found this post on how to become an Arkansas notary that is very comprehensive and would propose you’ve a look at it.

Learn the ropes

public mobile notaryWhether it is jail, hospital, or mortgage signings, you should be able to handle typical situations of notaries. Mobile notaries who are successful in the business can deal with these three issues. Since inmates don’t come to you in the office, the mobile option is essential for them. It is important as a mobile notary to get to know the identification and communication issues involved with hospital or jail signings.

Apart from the studies or training received to learn the basic notary skills, further training should also be done to sharpen the skills. This is done to give the experts much-needed knowledge to adequately perform any duties assigned to them. The fact that these transactions – mortgage, jail, and hospital – must be handled with great care and executed effectively require the best training. Each document must be well understood for the client to have a chance of success.


Marketing is critical for triumph in any business. It is, in this regard, you need to sell your skills through the several available platforms. Creating a website plus some business cards should be a start. And since you are considered an independent contractor, it would be wise to pay your taxes out of any compensation you receive in your practice.

Get certified

Getting certified by loan signing directories is best for business. Mobile notary specialists must pay to advertise in popular signing directories which can have then certified for many times. This will increase coverage, and within no time you’ll start receiving calls for service.

Screen those you work for

Make sure proper screening is done to the companies you choose to work for. Statistics have proven that most unsuccessful mobile notary experts fail not because they lack the knowledge but because they work for the wrong companies. Go through the several reviews available both online and offline to avoid falling victim to the same.

Promise what you can deliver

Never offer a client what you cannot achieve. It is better to be open to all the people you work for. You have all the time to approach this as a beginner and then learn what it takes step by step.