Getting a Good Insurance Dispute Attorney

Getting a Good Insurance Dispute Attorney

Insurance disputes usually arise when you fail to agree with your insurance company over their coverage. There are several insurance policies that you may have purchased from your insurance provider. These policies include Automobile policy, Homeowners policy, Commercial General Liability and Business Interruptions policies. In the case of any dispute between you and your insurance company, your insurance dispute attorney plays an important role. He will help you to recover your insurance benefits that you are entitled to.

It’s important that before you choose an insurance dispute attorney, you should be sure that he or she is the best attorney to handle your case. Here is what you should look for in an albuquerque insurance dispute attorney.


Experience is very important if you are looking for a lawyer, no matter what kind of lawyer you want. Your attorney should have experience with handling your insurance policy type. A lawyer may have handled insurance disputes involving Homeowners policy. However, you may be having a different dispute involving a different type of policy. Will your lawyer be able to handle it?
You should, therefore, determine if your insurance dispute attorney has handled the similar insurance disputes before.


You should also consider an insurance dispute attorney who is a member of any specialty bar association. This will ensure that the insurance dispute attorney that you go is of the best quality and reputation.

Every state usually has their bar associations with different subcommittees. You can ask your insurance dispute attorney if he belongs to any subcommittees of any bar association in your particular state.

Previous Declaratory Judgments

Usually, when an insurance dispute case cannot reach a solution, litigation is always required. It’s therefore important that you know whether your insurance dispute attorney has ever handled declaratory judgment actions before. If he has ever handled such, then you should ask him the types of insurance policies that were involved.

Available Fee Arrangements

Most insurance dispute attorneys usually charge their service fees on an hourly basis. You should, therefore, ask your attorney his billing rates before you hire him to handle your insurance dispute. Although it may be difficult for your attorney to state the exact amount your litigation process will cost, he can at least help by estimating to you what you are likely to incur.


An attorney with a good reputation will surely win your case for you. In every state, there are bodies that usually regulate attorneys. Ask your attorney if he has ever been suspended. Your attorney should also have malpractice insurance. If he or she does not have one, you should probably look for another attorney.